Alkyl Hydroximic Acid


CAS Number:

Molecular Formula: RCONHOH (R= C4-8 Alkyl)

A dark-red thick liquid, solidifying to a temperature is below 15 ℃,sparingly soluble in water, soluble in some organic solutions.

Principal uses:
Alkyl Hydroximic Acid is an excellent collector. It has strong collectivity and good selectivity. It has strong collectivity for various metallic oxides, some difficult metallic oxides and oxidized sulfides. It also has strong collective power to copper oxide ores, hematite, yttrium ores, wolframite, scheelite, titanic iron, niobium ores, tinstone and rare earth ores etc. various metallic oxide ores. Alkyl Hydroximic Acid is an excellent metallic extracting agent of some nonferrous metals, eg: gallium, germanium etc.


   Item Index
Alkyl Hydroximic Acid content % ≥ 60.0
Free Fatty Acid % ≤ 18.0
Moisture % ≤ 15.0
Iron % ≤ 0.2
Period of validity (month) 12
Packing: 180kg/plastic drum

Storage & transport:
To be protected from water, torrid sunlight and fire, no lain down, no upside down.

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