Sodium (Potassium) Butyl Xanthate


CAS Number: 141-33-3

Molecular Formula: C4H9OCSSNa(K)

Structural Formula:

A yellowish or pale grey powder or pellet with a pungent odour, soluble in water and alcohol, It can form insoluble compounds with various of metallic ions.

Principal uses:
Sodium (Potassium) butyl xanthate is a stronger collector.It is used in bulk flotation of various nonferrous metallic sulfide minerals. Sodium (Potassium) butyl xanthate is especially fit for the flotation of chalcopyrite,sphalerite and pyrite.Under the proper conditions, it can be used in the selective flotation of copper sulfide minerals from iron sulfide minerals and in the flotation of sphalerite after activation with copper sulphate.


Item Index
Drying SBX Synthetic
PBX Pellet Powder Powder
Sodium (Potassium) butyl xanthate %≥ 90.0 90.0 84.5
Free alkali %≤ 0.2 0.2 0.5
Moisture and volatile %≤ 4.0 4.0
D(mm) 3~6
L(mm) 5~15
Period of validity(month) 12 12 6
Packing 50kg/plastic woven bag, 110kg/steel drum, 800kg/plywood box 50kg/plastic woven bag, 110kg/steel drum 40kg/plastic woven bag, 120kg/steel drum

Storage & transport: To be protected from damp, torrid sunlight and fire.

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