Sodium Ethyl Xanthate


CAS Number: 140-90-9

Molecular Formula: C2H5OCSSNa

Structural Formula:

A yellowish powder or pellet with a pungent odour, soluble in water. It can form insoluble compounds with metallic ions e.g.: cobalt, copper and nickel etc.

Principal uses:
As a collector, the selectivity of sodium ethyl xanthate is the most strong in xanthate line. It is widely used in the preferential flotation of fine flotability or complex sulfide minerals. It is also used in the flotation of copper, lead oxide ores in conjunction with vulcanizing agents. It is also used as precipitant in hydrometallurgical processes(eg. the refining of zinc electrolyte) and as sulfidation promoter of rubber.


Item Drying Synthetic
Pellet Powder
Sodium ethyl xanthate %≥ 90.0 90.0 82.0
Free alkali %≤ 0.2 0.2 0.5
Moisture and volatile %≤ 4.0 4.0
D(mm) 3~6
L(mm) 5~15
Period of validity(month) 12 12 6
Packing 50kg/plastic woven bags, 110kg/steel drum, 800kg/plywood box 50kg/plastic woven bag, 120kg/steel drum 130kg/steeldrum, 40kg/plastic woven bag

Storage & transport: To be protected from damp, torrid sunlight and fire. To be stored in cool and dry circumstance.

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